Forms & Checklists
Helpful resources and pre-appointment checklists.

Pre-Appointment Checklists

Basic Information Checklist

It can be a little confusing trying to figure out what items are necessary to properly prepare your taxes. To make things a little more convenient, I have provided a checklist of various pieces of personal and tax-related information that will cover most tax preparation needs.

Drop-Off Checklist

We understand that your time is important. To that end, we have created a checklist of pertinent questions that will provide us with the necessary information to prepare and file your taxes. Filling this information out prior to your scheduled appointment will help us take up less of your time.

Itemized Deductions Checklist

Not sure whether an item may be deducted from your taxes? Worse yet, is there a deduction that you can claim that you are not thinking about? We have provided a list of standard deduction for your convenience. Take a few minutes to go over the list, you might save yourself some money.

Records Retention

How long should you hang on to tax and financial records. The short answer is that it depends. Some items you want to hold onto forever, others you can get rid of after a few years. Take a few minutes to go over the list below to make sure you aren't getting rid of something important.

Legal Forms

Work Agreement

This a standard agreement between Affordable Tax Services, LLC and our clients. It states that we are intending to provide our professional services, as well as all rights and responsibilities afforded to the client under this agreement.

Privacy Policy

We understand that the privacy of our clients is valuable. Our privacy policy outlines what information we share with state and federal agencies in the course of our professional duties, and how we keep all non-necessary information private and confidential.

*Any of the above forms and checklists can be provided to you in office. They are simply posted here for you to use at your convenience.